We exclusively advise the cultural and creative industries.


We want creative workers to be hippies with a business case.

That’s what every good creative mind is expected to be. Because to be creative is about ideas and emotions, but it is also about making things happen within the now.

Bring your ideas and projects. We make the case. You make it your own.

Be an artist, be a curator, be a musician, be an extraordinary creative mind, just be a cultural sector worker but be yourself and do what you love. Enjoy and use your imagination and inspiration – dump the frustration on us.


It is not about the colour of your lipstick, it is about whether you can kiss or not.

Every creative idea and cultural project starts with a taste in the mouth and sometimes you don’t know the ingredients. We personalize and customize the legal and economic ingredients to your ideas.

Build your creative and cultural project with FINE ART CONCEPT.

Turning an idea into a successful creative business or cultural project is hard. We pulled together a team and network of extraordinary talent providing the legal, development and marketing strategic concept you need to get off the ground.

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A successful team beats with one heart

Dr Jörn

Dr Jörn

Consultant / Attorney-at-law

Jörn has profound knowledge in art, media and music business as well as in copyright, art and contract law. In his earlier career Jörn worked both as a lawyer in international law firms and as a consultant in a big strategic advisory firm in Amsterdam and Dusseldorf. After that he started working in the music business as a repertoire manager and legal counsel in a collecting society for music rights. Besides that Jörn did pro bono work for the Dusseldorf Academy of Arts. Jörn studied law and also completed supplementary degrees in Economics in Switzerland and Germany. During his education he worked with an Office of Cultural Affairs and was a research graduate associate at university institutes in media law. Jörn published his legal doctoral thesis in the field of cultural business and deals with foreign trade restrictions and export protection of national cultural treasures. It was his dedication to art and culture that inspired an entrepreneurial start as a founder of an artist agency and has blossomed into this.

    Mrs / Mr X

    Mrs / Mr X

    In our network

    According to our credo 'Doing More with Less' we are working with a very lean and flexible structure without any overhead. Our network allows us to take advantage of shorter time commitments, lowered costs and greater flexibility. Nevertheless there is magic in doing projects together. Therefore, and in order to carry out projects in an efficient, financially viable and overall successful manner, we collaborate with a flexible network of experienced specialists. If required, the project team is set up according to the specific necessities so that each assignment is carried out in a professional manner.


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